Monday, 2 September 2013

Church Renovation

It has ticked over four years and we are still going but the end is close and we spent our first night sleeping in actual beds in a carpeted bedroom.  It is bliss and so beautiful.  Everyone who has worked on this is fantastic and anyone looking for a builder in Sydney or the Blue Mountains should get a quote from Luke O'mara.  He is the person who has made this build a good experience with amazing outcomes.

The process:
 This is before we purchased.

It was a long time between buying and starting the build.  Going through council we learnt a lot about the process to renovate a heritage listed property.  First get a good architect and then worry about Conservation Management Plan and Statement of Heritage Impact.  We went with a heritage architect to begin with and it was like he was working for the building rather than for us and the heritage consultant from council was the person who gave us the permission to make our own heritage architects design liveable.  So more than two years after purchase, another baby and many fish and chip picnics in the slopping floored church we started to find a builder.

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