Friday, 22 February 2013

Art Space

The children's easel is squeezed in beside the fridge, all of our art gear is squashed into small cupboard and most of my half finished canvases are leaning against each other in a corner or our main living area.  Soon, fingers crossed, we will be moving into a new house where I will have my own dedicated art space.  This has been enough inspiration to pull out some unfinished pieces and start working on them again.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

100 year old gets a residential facelift

After three years this amazing renovation is almost complete.  We spent our first night in our new house and it was more amazing than I expected.  There is a feeling you get in some houses and buildings, the feeling of a sick building.  Other buildings you don't but this was the complete polar opposite, not just a nice building this house feels healthy, happy, almost uplifting.  I love this building.
From the artists and craftsmen who originally worked on this magnificent building to the architects, craftsmen, builder and trades people who have been involved in the project it seems that we have been lucky to continually run into people with a great sense of pride and craftsmanship in the work they have invested.  I am in total awe of the outcome.