Friday, 14 December 2012

Twelve days of christmas

I am a recent convert to the twelve days of christmas.  Having the time with just one toy, no matter how flashy and fabulous, gives a chance for children to appreciate them a little more than the toss to the side treatment they get during the present opening frenzy of a large family christmas.  No doubt reducing all these gifts to one special teddy for the duration of your childhood, instead of the population a small outback town perched precariously on a chest, would do the same but industrialisation, a throw away society and grandparents have done away with the chances of that happening.

On the first day of christmas my parents gave to me a fairy sitting on a horsie.

On the second day of christmas my parents gave to me two dogs in a truck and a fairy sitting on a horsie. fairs...advent bunting...I have truly been possessed by the domestic spirit.  four years ago when I was twenty kilos lighter and dancing til my eyes adjusted to the surreal tangerine sun rise I would certainly not have believed that I would fit so nicely into a domestic routine and be enjoying it so much.  I didn't even know what bunting was but thought those little flags that people strung up were a useless and ciche waste of fabric.  Now I draw with erasable marker on the back of my children's laminated cards a map to where they will find tomorrows present and tuck it into the advent bunting which I am so proud to have made myself from the beautiful example set by Sew Sweet Violet whilst I plan the time I will need to sew some christmas themed bunting for my daughter's day care and bake a gift of shortbread for the good folk at work.  Merry crafty christmas mums and makers everywhere.

Lark a treasure trove of retro booty, sweet and precious things.

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