Saturday, 17 November 2012


This morning was greeted by my little Mr pulling out a dinosaur book saying he had resaearch to do.  He opened the book at a protoceratops and wanted to draw it, we were both excited when we remembered Bix from Dinotopia was a protoceratops (Joy!).  He wasn't sure where to begin with his drawing and frequently I find myself offering too much information and he loses ownership of his project so I brought out a great bit of children's art from his room, How to Draw a Dragon.  I started him off with a big egg shaped body and deliberately stepped away. 
Today his inspiration was falling like snowflakes and each idea unique and beautiful.  He ran and grabbed a children's encyclopedia and searched through until he found the page on snowflakes.  So snowflakes it was.  I am looking forward to helping him turn these into little decorations.

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