Sunday, 19 August 2012

Fine Motor Skills

PreKinders - Resources for Pre-K Teachers
The following are some fine motor skills activities taken from the PreKinders Fine motor skills post.  Some of the other tasks like salt art and eye dropper art made me also want to explore a japanese style art of marbeling , Suminagashi, which I have been meaning to try with my little ones.  A valuable point made at Not Just Cute that took me to this site was the power of focused tasks to calm an over excited, wound up, preschooler who might be tearing around the room like the embodiment of mayhem.  Finding a task or group of tasks that engage your child for long enough to calm their frenzied state of mind is rewarding for everyone.

fine motor skills Nuts and bolts
fine motor skills Sewing/lacing cards
fine motor skills Mosaic
fine motor skills Dot to Dot
fine motor skills colour mixing

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