Monday, 4 March 2013

Books that Help with Bullying

I have a terrible tendency to give extended philosophical lectures when drawn into a conversation with my four year old about how people treat each other.  Sometimes the best way to approach it isn't a black and white answer that is simple and succinct and flies right over your little ones head but a sweet and funny story that plants the seed of an idea leading to a deeper understanding that they get to evolve by themselves.  Before reading this book my answer to bullying was use your BIG voice and say "NO! I don't like that!" and if someone says "NO" you must listen and stop doing what you are doing that might be hurting them.  It is still what I will continue to say but now I have a book that will give him a catalyst to understand why.  If people think they can, some people will be mean because they don't think you will do anything about it.

Captain Yellowbelly is a bit of a pushover who is taken advantage of by the other meaner, tougher and generally more pirate like pirates until one very bad day he has just had enough.

Here's hoping for one less bully and one less victim.

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