Monday, 1 October 2012

Cloud Craft

Based on the beautiful Magnetic Board with Magnets project by Casa Trends, this is a mass production hand made effort in support of craft for the upcoming Montessori Fair.

I wanted to make some home made porcelain but came across some inexpensive, good quality air dry modelling clay.

To do this project you will need some paints (black and pink or something to mix yourself a cute pink for the cloud cheeks), either acrylic or gouache, very strong small magnets, super glue, a flower or cloud (more difficult to find) cookie cutter and either a teardrop cookie cutter or a set of rose petal fondant cutters.  The Das air dry clay dries in 24 hours.

Roll the clay to approx 1/2 cm thick.  Cut the clay and set aside to dry.  If using a flower cookie cutter just squeeze into a cloud shape as you cut.  I placed a sheet of paper under a book and weighed it down to make sure they dried without warping or curling.

Paint the face of the cloud and allow to dry.

Super glue the magnets onto the back and you have a cute magnet set.  If you use weak magnets they will still be cute but impractical.

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