Friday, 21 September 2012

Sight Words with Rod Clement

Sight words are those most common and frequent words used in our everyday reading and writing. Words that may not be easily sounded out and are best learnt to be recognised on sight. These are words that might hold an idea rather than be associated with an image.

My first born is only now coming to a stage where he is starting to ask about words as we read together and learning early literacy with letter tracing at school. He tends to get a bit frustrated with letter tracing though. I have put together my own sight words bingo from Playful Learning.

Making this game was my introduction to site words as a literacy aid.  I love this idea and I loved this introduction and have had it in the back of my mind as we do other activities.  Recently my son has been getting more letter and number exposure with more "practical" tasks like playing Battleships.  This is two-fold learning through play for him and my two year old as they get to exercise their fine motor skills by packing up all the little white and red pegs and they both get to help be part of the letter and number identification on the coordinate grid.

Whilst reading 'Feathers for Phoebe' we have begun, inadvertently, on our sight words journey.  I can't wait to find more of these kinds of books to continue building on these sight words adventures.  Phoebe goes through and chooses from a selection of items until she has completed her transformation to be a spectacularly coloured and feathered bird on her quest to be noticed.  He now identifies easily and calls out 'yes', 'no' and 'maybe' as with each element of her new look Phoebe chooses the wings, crest, tail and chest.

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