Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sick children, scones and painting

It has been a very productive painting day for me and my two little sickies.  My oldest ripped out three awesome paintings whilst my little one was napping.  Super sweet even though he has had some salicylate challenge foods over the past two days.  Some bad outcomes after lunch including zucchini with the skin on and a pear with its skin left on.  It's such a challenge to get it right.  He was at such a good baseline yesterday a bowl full of blue berries and strawberries had no effect but the extra little bits today just added up to too much.  I wish there was a weight and food calculator for salicylates.

And another one that I have started reworking.  This was one that I started and then had many little hands take over, it is again mine and I have been defending my right to paint on my own with this one.

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