Friday, 27 April 2012

Painting - possibilities

So many possibilities when you start a piece, there is a particular idea, image, end product you try to work towards.  These paintings are more of the ones that I pulled out from a different lifetime, the life before children.  When I got into doing these ones I was getting so excited about how they were looking and suddenly every brush stroke seemed to just be ruining them.  Time for a break from them and some perspective.
Original sketch from around 2006.
 Added some definition with some beautiful Indian ink.  I have such bad luck with my beautiful Indian ink, one carpet and two other ink covered, child related incidents in this thankfully wooden floored house.
 Still pretty happy with how things are going at this stage.
 What have I done.
It's curled a bit but framing will fix that.  Every brush stroke I was adding with the pink was accompanied by "damn, what a mistake, white paint, damn".
I'm not sure If I like this or the other one in this series but I don't know what to do with either of them now.  At least I've got some high res pics of the original sketches.

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