Art for Kids

Lesson Plan 1 - Impressionsim
Great Books to Teach Art to Kids
Teaching Art to Kids - Drawing Exercises
Maths and Art - Symmetry and Tesselation
Science and Art - Thaumatrope
Shadow Puppet Theatre
NGA Kids - WordArt
Wood Block Printing - Out of the Egg

Art Styles and Processes

Suminagashi  - Japanese ink and water printing.

Plushy Craft Designs

Making  plushies can be done with printable fabric and a ink jet printer or printing through Spoonflower.  I am sewing with a four year old so just to make sure he is in the right mood to sew I start by drawing a look a like on paper and see if he can cut it out before moving to the more expensive fabric.  With test cutting, cutting, pinning, sewing and stuffing, these projects usually go over a couple of days if everyone is in a good mood.

This is a plushy that I based on a painting and I am hoping to do a number of these dinosaur plushies.

Paper Dolls Designs

I am going to start making more paper dolls and craft projects.  This one is my first attempt, next time bendable arms.

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